User Interface... a closer look.C10 HD Digital Audio Console

Powerful Intuitive Ergonomic Elegance
The console is compact ensuring that all of the controls are within very easy reach and easy to read. The layout is simple and logical, with key operational features assigned dedicated hardware controls. The C10 HD Channel Info screens present a refined dedicated display of individual channel routing and metering with all top level settings visible at all times. The lower section of the Channel Info screens combine with adjacent assignable hardware controls for easy access to inputs and sends. Control surface channels are freely configurable as mono, stereo or 5.1, have flexible processing order and are arranged in easily configured and selected layers. The C10 HD design and colour scheme avoids eye fatigue even on long sessions.

Key User Interface Benefits

Hands On Control
Dedicated Hardware Controls
Assignable Rotary ‘Free’ Controls with Dynamic Visual Feedback
Assignable Softkeys in channels & centre section
‘One Touch’ User Mode switching – instant recall for Presets, Automation Mode etc
Simplified Routing system with ‘One Touch Mix Minus’
Motorised faders with Backstop PFL
Master Channel Controls for rapid hands on processing
Dedicated hardware controls for Monitoring
Dedicated hardware controls for Master section level control

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Constant Visual Feedback
Total System Status’ visual feedback via Channel Info screens
Dedicated Metering for; Aux & Mix Minus Busses, Programme & Comms


Additional Benefits
Benchmark audio quality
Traditional signal flow – every channel has full processing as standard
The most refined and elegant 5.1 handling available today
The finest EQ, Dynamics & Delays
Streamlined System Configuration tools
Advanced Routing Control
Comprehensive GPI control

Interactive Guide
Click here for an interactive guide to the C10 HD hardware & touchscreen control interfaces.