User Interface… an overview.C10 HD Digital Broadcast Mixing Console

C10 HD… Exceptional Power, Simply Operated.

The control concepts developed for the C10 HD are the product of decades of design experience and careful consultation with operators. The result is a console which perfectly balances a capacity for highly detailed configuration and extremely powerful audio control with a simple, logical and sustainable working environment. This is attained through a combination of beautifully organized dedicated and assignable hardware controls, excellent visual feedback and an intuitive central touchscreen. The result is simplicity of operation which belies the processing power and comprehensive feature set within. Advanced users will enjoy the proven power and quality of the SSL on-air audio system in an elegant interface that makes running even complex shows comfortable and rewarding. Less experienced users will learn fast and achieve high quality results with the aid of a wealth of intelligent workflow simplifications and automated features.

Interactive Guide
Click here for an interactive guide to the C10 HD hardware & touchscreen control interfaces.

C10 HD delivers professional results for users of all skill levels.

The C10 HD has evolved from two decades of expert broadcast console design. The C10 HD builds upon this legacy and is designed specifically for use in broadcast environments where a broad range of individuals with varying roles and skill levels need to use an audio console.

For Advanced Users
Beneath its elegant, uncluttered, deceptively simple surface, C10 HD offers all of the power, sophistication and benchmark performance of the acclaimed C100 HD console. Experienced Operators will find this refined and simplified new control surface makes configuring and running shows a truly rewarding and comfortable experience. Key operational features remain available for immediate hands on operation at the highest level of the control interface and extensive system information is available at a glance at all times. Experienced Operators will also find that when the need arises, they can drill down into the sheer depth and sophistication of the worlds finest and most comprehensive Routing, Monitoring and Processing environment extremely quickly to keep pace with the demands of more sophisticated projects.

For All Users
C10 HD ensures that all users are presented with a system that offers a degree of control and functionality that suits the needs of their role whilst reassuring all users that they will not ‘damage’ the system configuration accidentally. This is achieved through our unique ‘Feature Match’ system where a set of ‘User Passwords’ and administrator defined ‘Presets’ determines the functionality that is presented to the user. C10 HD features a multi-lingual contextual on screen help system that provides extensive operator guidance from within the user interface.

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