C100 HD-S Digital Broadcast Console

Scale Capacity – Not Performance

C100 means Scalable Broadcast Audio Systems.
Around the world, the highest profile broadcast organisations rely on C100 technology to deliver reliable, sonically superb performance for mono, stereo and surround productions. Where other systems scale capacity and performance, C100 is different in scaling only capacity to match requirements.

Whether for small-scale fixed installations, mobile solutions or complex multi-studio installations, we have a versatile, scalable system that is custom configured to match your particular requirements. SSL’s unrivalled end-to-end consultancy, project engineering, installation and service teams ensure that you get precisely the right system, expertly installed, with exemplary training and outstanding ongoing service and support.

C100 means an Environment for Excellence.

By providing the very best in quality, reliability and control, the C100 creates an environment for achieving excellence in all associated fields of work:

The C100 offers the very best in audio quality, whether working in mono, stereo or 5.1, leaving you free to concentrate on production. 5.1 feeds can be manipulated as one signal or six, with full processing on every channel, presented within a traditional signal-flow architecture. All this is controlled by an intuitive, adaptable console which is easy to learn and simple to operate.

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Built and installed entirely by SSL to match your exact specifications, and accompanied by full on-site training and long-term technical support, the C100 is primed for reliability. Robust, virus-proof hardware and software systems, along with automatic self-healing DSP, remote diagnostics and extensive redundancy capabilities, make intrusions into the control room a rarity. Powerful, fully integrated resource sharing enables seamless reallocation of projects and signal feeds throughout the broadcast facility


The C100 can be scaled and upgraded to meet budget and production demands, without losing the quality of its audio or the power of its leading HDTV surround production capabilities. Each console comes with worldwide support (24 hours a day, 365 days a year) keeping loss of output to a minimum, while SSL's reputation for quality and reliability ensures that the console's value is protected in the long-term.