For Managers

C100… Blending Quality with Customised Efficiency

The C100 fosters the careful economy of budget, time and space which today’s broadcast environment demands.

Capacity to match Context
The level of customisation available for the C100 means that you need never pay for capacity that goes beyond your requirements; SSL’s Project Engineering department works with you to ensure that you get exactly what you need to minimize initial investment cost. Expansion to handle future production requirements is possible due to the scalable nature of all subsystems, producing cost effective upgrade paths.

Standard frame sizes range from 16+8 faders to 64+8 faders in 8-fader increments, with other sizes available by special order. With a 16+8 frame measuring less than 37” or a 64+8 frame measuring less than 96” in width, the C100’s slimline control surface can be installed in highly space-limited locations, while its versatile, intuitive channel layering capabilities ensure that physical space does not prevent complex sessions from running smoothly.

Reliability to minimise downtime
SSL’s pedigree for dependability means that a C100 fault rarely causes lost productivity, while its remote-diagnostic and self-healing software, along with its extensive redundancy capabilities, further protect the facility from wasted studio time.

Integrated resource sharing/allocation
Due to its integral digital routing and networked file management systems, projects and signal feeds can be re-allocated with the minimum of fuss.