Modular Resource Sharing Engine

Specifically designed for use with SSL's C100 Digital Broadcast Console, MORSE provides an extremely reliable, cost-effective, and scalable system for the sharing of audio I/O and managing related control data in multi-studio broadcast facilities.

Designed for critical on-air environments, it benefits from hardware redundancy and fault-tolerant proprietary software.

Consisting of modular I/O in stageboxes and a central router chassis with modular I/O, the result is a resource sharing capability that offers fast switchover of any control room between multiple studio floors, and parallel usage of the same resources – with full ownership arbitration to avoid conflict.

Control of MORSE I/O parameters and crosspoint routing is fully integrated into the C100's user interfaces, resulting in a seamless operational experience.

Key Features

  • Efficient multi-studio usage, sharing resources with ownership arbitration
  • Seamless integration with C100, using the console’s own graphical interfaces
  • On-air reliability, ensured by comprehensive redundancy options
  • Zero-downtime maintenance, provided through hot-swap hardware
  • Cost-effective fit of current needs, using highly flexible modular I/O
  • Future-proofed with ample expansion, up to 6,144 audio paths
  • Specification flexibility, through a wide range of audio I/O interface types
  • Removal of common vulnerabilities, as no PC is required for operation
  • Fibre-optic interconnection, for interference-free operation in all locations
  • Offline configuration and system overview, through optional PC software
  • Multiple additional system control stations, on multiple optional PC clients
  • Enforcement of all PC control rights by Administrator PC
  • Cross platform connectivity, with standard MADI protocol