C300 @ Paragon Studios

25 years of excellence in post

With more than three thousand SSL equipped studios and facilities operational today, SSL is universally recognised for sonic excellence, superb ergonomics, outstanding workflow insight and an international support infrastructure second to none.

Founded in 1969, the key to the company’s long success lies in its attention to detail and constant drive to exceed our clients’ requirements, listening to their developing needs and responding. Powerful and innovative proprietary technology is used to create dedicated solutions for the recording and manipulation of sound in highly demanding environments. In conditions where sonic purity cannot be compromised against the inevitable demands of high workloads, and where dauntingly inflexible deadlines are accepted as the norm, SSL equipment is synonymous with reliability and excellence, with sophisticated software and robust hardware ensuring years of trouble-free operation.

SSL’s involvement in post production stretches back to the mid-1980s when the SL 6000, specifically designed to meet the needs of the broadcast and video industries, became a firm favourite in the post production environment. US network NBC bought their first SL 6000 for their New York studios in 1984 and seven years later they had amassed twenty one. To meet the demands of larger productions SSL developed the SL 5000 Film Production System. This quickly became a major force in Hollywood, with some of SSL’s largest consoles being shipped to Skywalker, Disney, Todd-AO, Warner Brothers and many others.

In the late eighties and early nineties SSL led the field in digital audio post production with a succession of revolutionary products, illustrating the company’s forward thinking and leading edge development. Hard disk recording and editing, digital video, networking and digital surround mixing were the features that led SSL's Scenaria and Omnimix systems to revolutionise post production. Later, with the increase in use of desktop editing systems, SSL concentrated on providing powerful, hands-on mixing solutions for complex surround TV productions, heralding the development of HDTV with products such as the Avant post production console.

2002 saw the launch of the current C Series digital consoles, encompassing next-generation processing technology. Launched in 2005, C300 HD, our most comprehensive post production solution to date, draws on decades of experience to deliver a fully-integrated solution for the post production and film environment.