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diode bridge audio compressor

The most well known audio compressor that uses a diode bridge as the gain reduction element would have to be the Neve 2254. The DBC is not a copy of the 2254 – but it is the inspiration for the design. The audio path is balanced from input to output. It includes our BE60 buffer input amps and Class A discrete BE41 amplifiers at the output. We have a custom “radio steel” transformer feeding into the gain reduction diode bridge between the input and output amplifiers.. This confiration produces a vintage character that can best be described as tight, colourful and rich with harmonics! Included is the Buzz Audio side chain design with attack and release responses offering a wider range of feel and rhythms choices.


DBC-20 classic diode bridge compressor

Rich in harmonics and character, this transformer coupled diode bridge compressor brings the sound of vintage compression within easy reach.

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