R35,900.93 inc. VAT

the MA2.2:
Functions are now controlled with illuminated push button switches with “clickless” operation, no more thumps on the output.
The gain pot has been replaced with a calibrated 24 position Elma switch for accurate stereo matching between channels.
We have added a useful 19 segment peak output level meter.
But, the original audio and power supply design of the MA-2.2 has been retained.


microphone pre-amplifier

A vintage mic preamp design that proved 20 years ago – “clean and fast does not need to sound clinical” – now with updated user interface and calibrated gain.Designed to provide transparent amplification to reveal the true source, they do not come any better than this. If you wish to record your sounds with the utmost warmth and clarity possible, you have found the tool for the job. And it’s not just us blowing our trumpet here, The MA2.2 is a very high end product designed without low price as a primary goal, so it is an investment for sure. However, the high standard of workmanship and meticulously engineered construction means it will last a life time – something our users who purchased 20 years ago now experience.

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